Sling Calculator

Welcome to the Dutest Sling Length Calculator

The attached spread sheets will calculate the basic sling leg lengths and suggest some top-selling standard sling types and sizes to meet your capacity.

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The operation of this calculator is based on the following:
  • The weight being lifted is symmetrically loaded, with the center of gravity directly in the center, and all leg lengths shall be equal.
  • The Capacities for our lifting slings are based on a Design Factor of 5:1, Chain Slings are 4:1.
  • The starting, or target angle for multiple leg slings should be 60 degrees from the horizontal.
  • The overall length calculated is the length from each pick point to the crane hook, including any in-line hardware, but it does not include the top Masterlink for Bridle assemblies.
  • The Suggested Sling Selection is based on single leg capacity with no consideration for hardware. Although lengths will remain the same with the addition of end fittings, assembly capacities may vary when attaching various end fittings and hardware. Please consult DUTEST QATAR W.L.L. for capacities with the use of hardware, or the addition of a top Masterlink.
  • IMPORTANT! Please enter the data in the Black Boxes on the following worksheets as: just 'Feet', such as 5.5 leaving 'Inches' blank, or just 'Inches' such as 66 leaving 'Feet' blank, or type in as 'Feet'-'Inches' such as 5 in 'Feet' and 6 in 'Inches', or if using metric units, insert numbers in the 'Meters' and 'Kilograms' boxes ONLY.